September 14th, 2004

Sydney - couch

Wasting the night away. :P

For some reason I've just been overwhelmed by laziness today. :P Couldn't get myself to go downstairs and bug Mark about the workout tonight (yes, the honeymoon is over and Mark now needs to be coerced into exercising again! :P) I've been sitting here like a zombie for the past several hours trying to update Kevin's site and compose a halfway decent email reply to him. My mind has officially turned into mush... :P

I've also been sitting here spending waaaay too much time trying to think of something to send him for opening night - (it's become a tradition since the Millie bamboo) :) but Big Island Candies, which was my first choice, only delivers on selected days to the mainland. :( In one respect, I'm glad I didn't order anything, since the first preview date has been moved back to the 21st. Anyone have any other ideas of something I could send him?

Speaking of moving back dates, I've decided to re-schedule my CIW exam. :P I'm SO not ready for it and I think chances are great that I won't be by Saturday. :P The exam is not something I really need, but it did come with my tuition package and if I take it, I'd like to make sure I'm fully prepared for it. I called them today and re-scheduled it for the 30th of October - after I get back from my trip.

And I know I should be doing many things, like taking my firm element exams online for work (so my licenses that I worked so hard to get this year don't go inactive on me) :P, study for my CIW, work out... but quality sleep seems to be the most inviting option to me at the moment. I'm good for nothing tonight, really. :P

Have a nice evening, everyone. I'm off to gather the fuzzy dog and crawl into bed. :P
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