September 26th, 2004

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Shopping sucks in my old age. ;)

Went out and did some walking around the mall today. I left Mark at home because, although he's very patient with me, I always feel like he's rushing me whenever we shop together. :P It always happens - we'll agree on a time to meet and when I meet him, I'll have finished shopping in that one store while he'll have already shopped the entire mall! :P Men. They're really missing that vital shopping gene. :P

I browsed the clothing stores, but quickly realized that the stores that I usually find myself shopping in have clothes that are much too "young" looking for me to wear. :( Must be a sign that I'm nearing my mid-thirties. :P The jeans are all cut too low, every skirt is cut too high, and the junior business wear doesn't look all that professional to me. :P It must just be my old age talking. :P Needless to say, I ended up not buying anything. :P I can't wait to get to LA so I can do some real shopping! :)

Tonight at dinner, Mark & I were joking around with each other. We weren't seriously arguing, but we started to raise our voices. It was hilarious, but Sydney got SO upset. She started growling and barking at Mark and even started attacking his leg. Ooops! I had to pull her off of him and even then, she was still barking at him... Poor Mark. :( But I have to say, Sydney's nothing if not protective of me. ;)

Finally, Mark & I are actually back to our old workout routine. :) For a while we were getting a little side tracked and lazy and were "forgetting" to pop in the workout video each night. :P Good news is that I noticed that my clothes were starting to feel baggy on me again. :) I can't quite fit into a five comfortably, but I'm almost there! :) It surprises me a lot, especially with all that pizza I consumed this past week. :P But I'm very happy since this was my goal when I started this diet and exercise program back in July. :) Even Mark's had to buy new jeans since his old ones were starting to look ridiculously big on him recently. :) I just hope we don't gain it all back on our vacation. :P

Hope you all have a nice evening!