September 28th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Yuki dog and happy Kevin thoughts :)

My Mom called today to make boarding reservations for her dog, Yuki for late October when she'll be away in Japan. The place she usually boards Yuki was completely booked for the weekend and so was the place where we board Sydney... (Is there something going on the last weekend of October that would make everyone want to board their dogs?) She did manage to find another vet/boarding place near her house so she made reservations there, but after calling them she really started to have second thoughts about the place. It was pretty unnerving to her that when she asked if they needed Yuki's vaccination records, their reply was, "No,... your dog's healthy, right?" :P Sorry, but I really wouldn't trust a place like that if I were her! :P

I wish that we could watch her dog for her, but Yuki and Sydney have a long history of not getting along (We actually bought Yuki for our family, but Sydney ended up getting extremely ill from all the stress that we ended up giving Yuki away to my Mom.) Sadly, dog-sitting for my Mom won't be an option for us. :(

In Kevin news, this REALLY surprised me! :D It's been ages since Kevin's posted a message on his message board and I've really missed seeing his posts. :) I'm so glad that he received the Big Island Candies Mark & I sent him for opening night (yes, I did end up sending them) :) This is just another reason that I'll always adore the man - he's always so thoughtful and gracious. :)

And THANK YOU to dreamstoearn for directing me to some nice comments about the show and Kevin's performance on Cary Shields' message board. :) I really did need all those positive words today. :)
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