September 29th, 2004

Sydney is...

Sydney & her cute little pink pills. :P

Well, the vet called today to inform us that her pre-diagnosis was correct and Sydney does suffer from an underactive thyroid. :( She gave us a bottle filled with cute little pink pills that we have to give Sydney twice a day - for the rest of her life. :( Unfortunately, Sydney and pill taking don't exactly go hand in hand. When she was ill last year we had to give her four or five different medications a day and every day it was SUCH a chore. :P We'd try for a long time to get her to swallow the pill, finally think she swallowed it, and when we weren't looking she'd spit it out! What a faker she was! ;) We also tried putting it in food, but she'd eat around it or eat it only to spit it out later. :P Hopefully it'll get easier for all of us this time around as she gets used to it. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting her to tolerate this more?

We also noticed a pretty big difference in Sydney's energy level tonight. Usually she'd spent the night lying around, watching us exercise or falling asleep under my computer... But tonight she's constantly bringing me her toys and nudging me to play with her. It's almost like she's a puppy again. :)

The vet also warned us and told us to look for signs that the dosage might be too strong for her. :P So far she looks good, in fact, she looks better than she has in months. :) Thank you all for your words of encouragement in my previous post - I know it may seem silly to some that I worry SO much about Sydney, but in the absence of any human children in my life, she's as close to my baby as I'll ever get. Besides, it's no secret that the fuzzy dog's taken over my heart a LONG time ago. ;)

And for some reason, I've been incredibly tired and lethargic the past couple of nights and I'm not quite sure why. :P I think there's something going around my office and I hope that I'm not catching it. :P The last thing I need is to get sick right before we leave on our trip to LA. :( I'm off to crawl into bed, hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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