October 4th, 2004

Side Show


I can't believe that Mark & I are finally leaving tomorrow for LA! :) It seems like we've been planning this trip and have been looking forward to it for so long, but because we've been so busy, it sort of crept up on us the last few days and took us by surprise. :) Mark is downstairs right now, as I suspected, staring off into space in his travel stress state. :P And earlier this evening I caught him staring at his suitcase mumbling, "Shoes, socks..." ;) He and I couldn't be more opposite when it comes to traveling! I live for the excitement, while he dreads the unknown. :P I must keep reminding myself how boring it would be if we were too similar. ;)

Poor Sydney has no idea that we're taking her to boarding tomorrow. :( Mark & I have been feeling rather guilty for the past few days and have been doting on her much more than normal. She must be wondering what the sudden change in us has been. :P Guilty feelings make for HUGE amounts of spoiling. ;)

And work was just ridiculous today. :P I hate leaving anything pending, so I felt a lot of stress to finish up a lot of things that had been piling on my desk for the past couple of days. A bunch of us (mostly the senior staff) in the office will be out on vacation and so I worry about the others who are left, especially because most of them are new and have been on the job for only a few months. :P

And talk about your internet withdrawal! Because of my business portion of the trip, my visit in LA was extended until the 17th. :P I probably won't have the chance to be online in the next two weeks as much as I would like, but I'll try to check in at a Kinkos or something periodically just to see how everyone's doing. :) In my absence though, I did want to wish a few special people birthday wishes (even if it's a bit early).

~ October 5th ~
Happy Birthday, angyllina!!

~ October 7th ~
Happy Birthday, bourriquet76!!

Hope you all have a nice week! Hopefully I'll be back on the 17th with many good Kevin and Julie Jackson stories! :)
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