October 6th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Quick update from Kinkos :)

The good news - Mark & I made it safely to LA! :) The bad news, however, is that I received a VM message on my cell phone this morning saying that the Tuesday and Wednesday performances of "Ten Commandments" have been cancelled. :P So I'm sitting here at Kinkos trying to get last minute tickets to see "Movin' Out". :P Unfortunately, that turned out to be an adventure in itself because a) Ticketmaster only accepts VISA cards as payment and b) I only had one VISA card in my purse - which I hadn't even activated yet. :P But luckily I did get tickets and Mark & I will have a show to see tonight. :) But no Kevin tonight - boo. :(

Hope you're all doing well, I quickly scanned my friends' page and I feel bad about not being able to comment more than I have. :( The computers here are not the best and I constantly feel my time is ticking away here... :P

Hope you're all well. :)
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