October 12th, 2004

Julie Jackson

Missing the hubby and fuzzy dog!

I'm back at Kinkos to get a few maps that I failed to print out from home before I left on this trip (which now feels like a LONG time ago!) :P Mark made it home safely and picked up Sydney from boarding yesterday. He said that she looked happy to see him, but when she got home she went from room to room and began whining (he thinks she was looking for me) :( I miss my fuzzy dog! :(

I'm driving out to Palm Springs this afternoon for the conference and oddly, I'm a little apprehensive about going. These NASD conferences are usually attended by older men who have been in Compliance for YEARS. I think it's rare that I'll see anyone there who's even close to my age. :P I'm really looking forward to the "conference" part of it all, it's the socializing at these things that I think I'm worried about. :P

Just a quick re-cap on my Julie Jackson encounter this weekend (since there's so much about the weekend I want to say, but in the interest of time and money on this computer - I'll probably have to do it in installments)

Julie Jackson, Nick DeGruccio and "Side by Side by Sondheim"

This was quite simply one of the best shows that we've seen all weekend. The show is a musical revue of Sondheim's earlier works (prior to 1977) and included songs from "Anyone Can Whistle," "Follies," "West Side Story," "Gypsy," etc. The cast was outstanding (Davis Gaines and Teri Ralston) were the other two besides Julie - but Julie was INCREDIBLE. She literally stole the show each time she walked on stage. Her "Losing My Mind" was one of the most moving (and disturbing) that I've ever seen (and I've seen that song performed the most of any of the songs that night). She was hilarious in "The Boy From..." and reminded me why she's such a favorite of mine. She honestly was the best thing we saw all weekend.

Before the show I saw Nick (who directed "Side by Side...") rush off to go backstage and I was hoping he'd stay through the show so I could say "Hi" to him. Luckily as soon as we walked into the green room after the show, he saw me, ran up and gave me a huge hug. The thing that I love about Nick is that, aside from being such a talented director (he directed Kevin, Julie, and Misty in "Side Show") he's got to be the warmest, sweetest man I've ever met. We talked for a bit about the show and about Kevin (he kept saying "Didn't he look fabulous?") :) I even got a little fan-ish and took a photo with him. :)

Of course, it's always SO nice to see Julie! She gave me some new headshots for the website (which I'm definitely going to re-design once I get home) and we talked about the site. I asked her permission to purchase juliedixonjackson.com and she gave me her blessing to make the site official! :) Woo hoo! That was probably the BEST thing that happened to me all weekend! :D We didn't really have a lot of time to talk, but we did talk about Kevin (she said she didn't recognize him when he first appeared in the show because he looked so different with his newly worked out physique) :). It's always so nice to see Julie. :)

Another nice surprise was getting to see Michael Wallot and Bridget Brady at "Side By Side." They were in the LA cast of "Side Show" with Julie (and Kevin) in 2002 and it's been a while since I've seen both of them (though I do run in to Michael periodically at the Colony Theatre). They were there to see Julie and it was SO nice to see them again! I love the "Side Show" cast, I think they will all always have a special place in my heart.

Yikes! It's been over an hour since I got here. :P I'd better run so I can check out of the hotel and start my drive into Palm Springs. Hope you all have a nice week! :)
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