October 16th, 2004

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"Dorian," and my lovable but protective hubby.

I'm finally back in Burbank and although it isn't "home," it's been my adopted home for the past week or so and somehow just driving into the area yesterday filled me with such relief. :) I left all the great street names of Palm Springs behind (as well as the luxurious room and marshmellow bed) :(, but on the upside, I am a lot closer to good theatre (and that can't be a bad thing, right?)

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Marina and I are going to see "Ten Commandments" this afternoon and I was supposed to meet some LJ friends for dinner after the show, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it'll happen. :( Mark was pretty upset when I spoke with him last night when I told him that I was meeting them in Duarte. I can understand his point of view, he's only worried for me because he doesn't like me driving by myself, on the freeways here, in a place I don't know at night. Even after I told him that I had printed out maps, etc he still didn't think it was a good idea. Part of me felt a little sad that it seemed like he didn't have faith in me or thought I couldn't take care of myself, but I guess I understand his viewpoint and I completely respect it. Big apologies to Laura, Carrie, and Roger! Mark was a little upset, and so I think going anywhere tonight might not be such a good idea (which I'm sorry about, but is fine since I have so much packing to do before I leave). Hopefully I'll be back soon and we can all try to meet up then.

I'd better run - I'm running late with a bunch of errands that I needed to do and I have to meet Marina in a few hours at the Kodak. Thanks so much to everyone who's been putting up with my travel entries recently (they aren't the most grammatically correct - since I'm usually rushing when I type them). I'll be home tomorrow afternoon (YAY!) and I promise to catch up with everyone then! Big *HUGS* to you all, and have a nice weekend!
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