October 22nd, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Trying to get back on track. :P

Of all the things that I've had to do since I've been back, the thing that's been the hardest for me has been getting back on my diet! :( I've strayed from it SO much during the two weeks that I was away that it seems almost impossible to get back. :P And I've noticed that I've gained a little weight back since coming home. I blame it, in part, to the parties and food we've been having at work recently - plus I'm such an emotional eater and stress causes me to eat a lot! :P To add to it, with all the things I've had to do around the house, I haven't had time to do the work out video once since coming home. :{ I really have to get back on track. :P

While I was away, I had to send a few boxes of my things home since everything I bought didn't fit into my suitcase (yes, I went a little overboard with the shopping.) :P I sent the first box home from Palm Springs and it still hasn't arrived yet - I must've sent it the cheapest way - by boat. Hopefully it comes soon since Julie Jackson's new headshots are in it and I want to work on her site! :(

I can't believe at this time last weekend, I was still in LA getting ready to see "Ten Commandments" for the 3rd time. It feels like it was SO long ago. :P As much as the reviews have been knocking the music in this show, I can't seem to get one of the songs, "Horns of Jericho," out of my head. I also finally got around to scanning the show's program and used one of my favorite serious photos of Kevin to make my new icon above. *SIGH* :)

Speaking of which, I thought this was cute. alligatorandme has probably already seen this, but I thought I'd link it anyway because it was such a cute Collapse )

Haha! :)

Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to try to update Kevin's site (but sleep might be the more inviting option... We'll see) :)
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