November 13th, 2004

Julie / Kevin - photo by Sheri

Insomnia :P

Just exactly why I'm up at 3am is beyond me. :P The audit at work is over (thank goodness!) and hopefully that'll mean that my need to eat everything around me will subside (at least before I'm back to my pre-diet weight) :P and I know I've never mentioned this here before - but my CIW exam is later this morning. :P

Part of me knows that I'm going to fail the exam and that's why I never mentioned it. :P I kept putting it off (I think I re-scheduled it at least 3 times) :P and though I love this web stuff, I haven't been able to fully invest the kind of time I need to study adequately for it (and I could make a whole bunch of excuses for it like my real job stress - but I won't, because that's lame :P). I'm really taking it because it's part of the tuition package I paid for and it'd be nice to have - however I'm fully prepared for the possibility of failing it today. :P

In other non-exam related news, I've been having a bit of trouble with my site for Julie Ann recently. In doing searches for her, I noticed a lot of the photos that I've used on the site have been taken by others for use on their sites. :P I know that it's a common internet problem, but it still upsets me that even after putting up disclosures all over the photos and the site, some people will still take the photos and use them for their own purposes. :P I'd like to email people about them (especially because those photos came from Julie herself and she asked me to help make sure others don't use them), but every email I've drafted makes me sound awful. :P How is it possible to tell people not to steal things in a nice way? :P

Finally, in fuzzy dog news - I think Sydney and I are finally on good terms again. :) It's taken her a while to really warm up to me after coming home from my trip. When I first came home, she followed me around the house wherever I went, but would never sit or lie down next to me. It's taken a while, but she's finally back to her affectionate self and will snuggle with me on the bed or couch while I watch TV again. :) I guess I didn't realize that dogs have some major trust issues too. :(

Well, I'd better get back to studying. Hope you're all doing well. :)
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