November 16th, 2004

Sheri & Nick


The biggest news in our office today was the sudden appearance of rats all over the second floor of our branch (which is the floor that's occupied by those of us in the investment department) :P Blech! Apparently, the construction that they've been doing on the third floor has been causing all the rats in the storage room upstairs to run down to our floor looking for new homes. :P My boss found evidence that a rat had been in her office (the side of her wall was chewed into and the molding had been chewed off) :P Ick! As if work isn't bad enough sometimes, constantly worrying about running in to one of those furry guys is VERY unnerving.

On a much nicer, less disturbing note - WOO HOO to Nick for winning the Ovation Award last night for his direction of "1776"! :D Really, he's SUCH a talented director - I'm just so happy for all his recent successes. The best part about him is that as talented and as accomplished as he is, he has got to be sweetest, most unassuming guy that I know. And I must sound like a broken record about him, but I just adore him to bits. :)

Mark is stopping by on his way home to purchase the new Metroid Prime game that just came out today. He's also been seriously thinking of getting an Xbox just so he can play some game called Halo. I'm happy for him though, because his games are to him what my musicals are to me. :) We all need our stress relievers, right? ;)

Finally, the weather has been uncharacteristically cold recently. I love cold weather so I'm certainly not complaining. :) Sydney must like it too, because she's become unusually more affectionate lately. :) Hope you all have a nice evening - hubby is finally home so I'll be back after we grab a bite to eat to catch up with all of you. :)
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