November 19th, 2004

Kevin - as Trevor Graydon in "Millie"

More Exams :P and in need of some help from some Millie experts!

Just how I got railroaded into being the one in my office to have to take the dreaded Series 53 (Municipal Securities Principal) exam, I will never know. :P After last week's audit, a note came down from our home office saying that someone needed to take and pass that exam within the next three weeks. That note was directed at someone in our office who had said he would take the test a year ago to get him moving on it. However, my BIG boss decided that it should be ME who takes the exam. How unfair is that? Normally I wouldn't be opposed to taking it, but there is practically NO WAY that they could expect me to study for and pass this thing on SUCH short notice (especially during the holiday season). :P I know this is such an awful thing for me to be complaining about (especially since there are much worse things that others are going through right now), but I just can't help feeling taken advantage of. :(

On a much more pleasant note, Mark & I have finally finalized our plans for Thanksgiving. :) We always spend the day with Mark's side of the family and the evening with my Mom. :) This year we were invited to my uncle's house for dinner so my Mom, Mark, and I will be spending the evening there. And being that I'm in need of study time :P, I'll probably just pick up several Ted's Bakery pies for the day instead of trying to cook anything. How are you all spending the holiday?

And finally, I have a HUGE favor to ask of starstruck113 or crissyj or anyone else who is a little more familiar with the Millie ensemble than I am. :) I'm still working on Kevin's birthday video and really need to identify the three girls in this video clip. I know that it's Shannon Hammons on the left, and possibly Jessica Dillan in the middle, but who is the one all the way to the right? Is that Emily Rozek? Thanks so much if anyone is able to help me out with this! :) Here's the Collapse )
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