November 28th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

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First of all, thank you so much for all the get well wishes in my last post. :) I feel a bit better - at least well enough to realize the errors in my last post (I blame it on the fever!) ;) Still can't decide if I'm hot or cold though and still kind of achy all over - work tomorrow is probably not the best idea. :(

Spent the entire weekend sleeping and alternating between wanting to turn on the fan and wanting to snuggle up with Sydney for warmth. :P The thing I hate about being sick is that it's incredibly boring. :P As it is, I get bored very easily - ask Mark, he'll tell you that whenever I come downstairs during the weekend and I have a particular look on my face the next words out of my mouth will be, "I'm bored, let's go out and do something fun." He hates that! Well, this weekend I didn't do too much of that - but spending the entire weekend without even leaving the house has definitely left me a little stircrazy. :P

Sydney seems to like the fact that I've been home, though I don't think she understands why I've been sleeping so much. The other day at about 3pm, I woke up to find her barking, apparently, at me (since she was looking straight at me while she was doing it.) Maybe she was upset because I wasn't giving her attention or maybe she thought something was wrong with me because I'd been sleeping all day - whatever it was I think my recent sleep patterns have been confusing her. :P

In theatre news, apparently Val was out again this weekend from "Ten Commandments". I happened to read about it on the journal that I lurk on. Sounds really pathetic, but I really wish I'd gotten the chance to see Nick Rodriguez as Moses because 1) he has a beautiful voice and 2) because Kevin said that he sings everything in an entirely different key when he sings with Nick. Damn! Closing night is next weekend and I just want to hear something definite about the direction they're taking the show.

Spent the day fixing up my personal web page (it was stuck in an awful design for far too long! Not that this is all that much better, mind you) - yes it's only one page and now it has the awful color scheme of my LJ, but heck - I don't think anyone goes to it anyway. :) Besides, if it's really awful and people hate it I could always just blame it on the fever again. ;)

Ah well, back to bed. :P Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)
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