November 29th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

A day of rest

I rarely ever call in sick to work. I always feel so guilty about it, no matter how sick I am because it means someone has to cover for me that day. :P There's always a "drop dead deadline" that I have in my head whenever I'm sick - the time by which, if I don't feel better, I'd have to call in or I won't be able to make it to work on time. My time was 7:25 this morning and I felt awful at 7:25. :P So I called in... Luckily the sales manager was nice enough to cover my trades for the day. :)

By mid-morning, I was feeling much better. In fact, so much better that I did some laundry and addressed some Christmas cards. Add that to the work I did on Kevin's site this afternoon and it turned into a pretty productive day. Of course the entire day I felt extremely guilty because I actually felt well enough to be at work. :P

In semi-related news, poor Kevin has been sick too. :( He almost didn't show up for Sunday's matinee (which would have been a real tragedy for my friends since they went to the matinee just to see him). Thankfully he says he's feeling much better today (he really has to protect that golden voice of his!) Hopefully he feels well enough to go on during closing weekend.

In holiday news, I'm making sure that I remember to bring lunch everyday for the next month just so I can avoid the horror of the mall. :P Just the little glimpse of the crowd I got on Friday when I had to mail out Kevin's birthday gift got me frightened enough to want to stay away for the next month. :P That's the worst thing about working so close to the mall (well, that and the BIG Santa that I have a silly phobia of - which thankfully I don't work near anymore AND is another story altogether) :) The nice thing, of course is that I always have a parking space if I ever really did want to shop. :)

BTW, I made my new icon from an old Suzy Zoo picture I had - it's what I always imagined Sydney would look like on Christmas morning. :)
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