December 5th, 2004

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Today Mark & I went to visit my Dad at Punchbowl. It was nice to be back there since I hadn't gone to visit him for quite some time. We brought some cute purple flowers with us and because there were too many, I ended up leaving a few of them on the Unknown Soldier's grave on our way to the car. I always try to leave our extra flowers there because I've always felt awful that no one comes to visit him. :(

It was a really nice visit, though. I somehow feel more at peace after I visit my Dad. I can't really explain it, but there's something very calming about Punchbowl. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful place to begin with - in a way it's a shame that so much sadness is affiliated with it.

Afterward, Mark & I went to eat at the delicious Ramen place that Susan and I usually go to for our monthly dinners. It's the first time that Mark has ever been there and he LOVED the food. :) I ate WAY too much - miso ramen, gyoza, and fried rice - I think this should satisfy the Japanese food cravings that I've been having all week,... at least for the moment. :)

I spent the rest of the day fumbling around in iTunes and I realized that I have a lot more cast recordings around here than I thought. This is going to be a really big job getting all the stuff I want transferred to my iPod once I get it. Not that I'm complaining or anything, by any means - it's just taking a lot longer than I expected it to. :)

In other news, the closing night of "Ten Commandments" was tonight. My friend Bobbie was at the final show and she posted her recap here. :) Nothing makes me happier than hearing that she enjoyed the show so much that she went back to see it,... TWICE! :) I'm sad that it's over though, because I loved the cast - they were all so talented and gave the production so much heart. :) I'll miss them all. :(

And finally, Happy Birthday wishes must go out to mdelrey, whose birthday is on the 6th! Happy Birthday, Marina! :) Hope that your day is incredible! :D
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