December 11th, 2004

Sydney - happy

I have THE BEST friends! :D

Oh my goodness, I love my friends! :D Yesterday I went to check the mail and was surprised to find a wonderful package from my friend Bobbie. :) She got me a CD single of "A Prayer for Life" (the finale of "Ten Commandments") that they were selling on closing night. She even included a closing night playbill (since it was re-printed since I was there) in her package. She is SUCH a sweetheart! :) As Bobbie wrote in her note, unfortunately "A Prayer for Life" is one of the only songs in the show that Kevin doesn't sing. But it doesn't really matter since Adam Lambert and Ali Porter are on it and I love Adam's voice. :) I just thought it was so sweet of her to think of me and get me one! :) I love my friends! :)

It's been a good last few days for mail since I also got some extremely wonderful Christmas cards! Special thanks to roopunzel, expressomaniac, and person958! The cards were all so wonderful and extremely thoughtful! :) I also got a few cards from internet friends that I haven't seen in years! :D One of them was even from a friend from all the way back in my Paul Anthony Stewart and "Guiding Light" days! :)

In non-holiday news, I took my second web exam this morning - the CIW Site Designer exam and.... I passed! :D I felt a little unprepared for this exam since I was forced to take it a week earlier than I had expected to, but thankfully I was able to pass it - just barely. :] <= My sheepish grin. ;) I have one more exam to take before the year is over, then I'll be done! :)

And my friend Susan and her hubby bought a puppy today! :D It's a CUTE miniature dachshund who they named Toby. :) I can't wait until she sends over some photos of him! I'm almost more excited about them bringing him home than they are. :) Now Sydney will have a playmate at Petwalk! :D
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Doug &amp; Sheri

Cute puppy photo :)

Susan sent over some photos of her new puppy, Toby. :) He's adorable! She said that he's already christened their new carpet :( but I can really sympathize since it wasn't that long ago that we had those same problems with Sydney. :P He looks like such a sweet addition to their family, though. :) I already love him - he's just so precious!

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I found something that I thought might be of interest to irisheyes77. :) I was looking at some photos of Julie Ann at the Opening Night of "Ten Commandments" and - lo and behold, her guy Jerry Cantrell was there at the show that night as well! :) Wonder what he thought of it? ;)

And I did a survey - since this is the first night in weeks that I didn't have to study! :)

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Whoa - I must sleep now!
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