December 31st, 2004

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With all the news about the terrible devastation and loss of life from the tsunamis, my Mom has been having a lot of nightmares recently. :( She was only six years old in 1946 when the big tsunami hit Hilo, but she remembers it well. She was walking to school with my aunt and for whatever reason they were late that day. Luckily they were because they weren't too far away from their house when the first wave came in. My uncle (who was much older and going to a different school at the time) saw the water gushing through a grating in a fence nearby on his way to school and he knew something was wrong since the tide had never come in that high before. He ran back toward home and found my Mom and my aunt and yelled at them to run back home - which they did and luckily they were all able to get to higher ground before the real devastation hit. The house two houses below theirs was completely washed away in the waves, it was just a miracle that they still had their home to go back to when it was all over, and an even bigger miracle that they were close enough to home to get to safety in time, since a few others who were walking to school that day weren't so lucky. A little over 150 people died in that tsunami, and I know it pales in comparison to the thousands who've lost their lives recently. But I guess all the talk about it lately has brought out some pretty scary memories for my Mom. :(

On a completely different note, I spent yesterday night making manju for the dinner we're having at the in-laws tonight. As I was leaving work yesterday, I told my boss that I was going to go home and bake. She said, "Oh my god, I thought you said you were going to go home and bake!" I told her that WAS what I had said and she looked completely shocked and asked, "Do you know how to do that?" Haha! If you knew my boss, you'd completely understand since she's really not one for cooking. ;)

And hopefully the fireworks here won't be too bad this year with all the projected rain in the forecast. Last year it was ridiculous! The streets were so smoky that Mark could barely see 5 feet in front of him as we were driving home. :P I know that it's a cultural thing here and expected, but I can't see how some people can spend upwards of $800 on fireworks each year. :P I'm hoping tonight is a little quiter than last year. Thankfully Sydney doesn't freak out too much with all noise - in fact, she's usually pretty good about it each year.

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year! :) I'm off to clean up around here in preparation (since they say the way you leave your house on New Year's Eve is the way it'll be for the rest of the year) Yikes! :) Hope you all have a good one! Be safe! :)
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