January 14th, 2005


A quick update from NYC...

We're in NYC! :) And we're having a great time. My Mom is even enjoying herself (the last time she was here was five years ago and she hated it). I think a lot of her enjoyment has to do with the great food that we've been eating and the great shows that we've been seeing so far. :) Surprisingly the weather hasn't been too cold and aside from today (which is VERY rainy) it's been very pleasant. In fact, before today it was funny that the coldest place that we encountered was sitting in the terminal at the Honolulu Airport waiting for our flight. :P

We've seen two shows so far, "Fiddler" on Wednesday and "Little Women" last night. Both were very enjoyable. I'm glad I got to see Harvey in "Fiddler" because he brought so much humor and sensitivity to Tevye - he was truly a joy to watch. In fact, his performance was SO endearing and the show was so touching that it ended up being one of my favorite musicals of this trip. :) Andrea Martin was hilarious (as I fully expected her to be) and the whole production was so touching that I actually had tears in my eyes during most of the second act.

"Little Women" was a great show as well, however, I think the wonderful performances carry the show. Sutton was incredible (as always) and Maureen McGovern was just fabulous in her second act showstopper. I also loved seeing Megan McGinnis as Beth - those three were the highlights of the show for me. I'll write more about each show a little later (when I'm not in such a hurry on this public internet connection...)

Some other non-theatre things that we've been doing - we got to see Rockefeller Center and did some shopping on 5th Avenue. :) It's always so nice to go shopping with my Mom because unlike Mark, she definitely knows the value of browsing. ;)

Hope you're all well... I've been skimming through your entries a bit as time permits during this timed connection I purchased. Hope you're all having a nice week. Tonight we have "Brooklyn", tomorrow night is "Wonderful Town" and Sunday is "Avenue Q" :). It's going to be a great weekend. :)

Big *HUGS* to you all - I miss everyone.
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