January 18th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Some photos from NYC...

...as well as a quick re-cap of some of the more memorable moments of the trip. :)

  • After going to see "Avenue Q" three times in the past year, I finally got the chance to meet John Tartaglia after the show. He was a sweetheart and SO cute in person. *SIGH* :)
  • To add to my very short list of random celebrity-type people I happened to see walking around the streets of NY, I happened to catch a glimpse of Jeff Marx (one of the co-creators of "Avenue Q") on 48th street, going into a restaurant with some friends on Sunday night (Weird coincidence as one of the only other random people I've seen in NYC is Robert Lopez, during my June trip - the other co-creator of "Avenue Q") ;)
  • Shopping on 5th Avenue with my Mom. :) She and I had so much fun browsing in all the stores and trying on and buying clothes. As we got to the higher end stores, we also had fun browsing and looking at all the clothes that we couldn't afford to buy. ;)
  • Eating dinner on Friday night with my Mom at Charley O's. :) We both had the shortribs and my Mom labeled it one of her all time most memorable eating experiences. :) It was also my VERY belated birthday dinner for her. :)

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Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to catch up on my sleep! :P
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