January 22nd, 2005

Julie Jackson

Incredibly sleepy!

What a shock it was when my slug of a hubby (who normally never wakes up before 10am on his own) woke me up this morning at 7am to go down to the Apple Store. :P Apparently, today was the day they were unveiling the new Mac Minis and iPod Shuffles and he wanted to be the first in line to get one.

So we made the trek across town to go to the Apple Store only to find that their shipment of iPod Shuffles hadn't arrived via FedEx like they were supposed to. :( Disappointed, we looked around at other Mac gadgets and spent the rest of the morning eating Japanese food at Shirokiya. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun (minus the rude awakening this morning ;) and the iPod-less Apple Store). :)

Still haven't been able to catch up on all my sleep from the NY trip - I slept at the unGodly hour of 8pm last night (I was actually falling asleep reading my email last night - which shows you how bad it was.) :P And usually no matter what time I sleep, I'm always awake at 4:30am -- except today. Don't know if I'm coming down with something or if all this traveling is finally catching up with me. :P

In theatre news, I got an email from Julie Jackson today who told me that her daughter Lily's episode of "Medium" is actually airing this coming Monday (and not the Monday from her last email - I didn't want to say anything at first, but I didn't think I saw Lily in the show...) and that she (Julie) is going to be on an upcoming episode of "ER" in February! Woo hoo! If I can't see her onstage, at least I'll be able to see her on TV! :)

And I'm getting increasingly more depressed that I won't be able to see Kevin in "A New Brain" next week. :( I always love the one night concerts that Reprise! offers ("Assassins" was fabulous a couple of years ago) and besides, that courtyard at the Freud has so many great memories attached to it - that was where I first met Kevin, after all! :)

Finally, big *HUGS* to all my East Coast friends out there! Please stay safe and warm this weekend! I'm off to gather the fuzzy dog and take a much needed nap! :)
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Side Show

Wow - my second post today!

I stole this from roopunzel

Senior Year
What year was it? 1987/88 (Gosh, my 20th reunion is in 3 years! AHHH! I'm SO old!!) :P
What were your three favorite bands or musical artists? Hmm... I'm trying to remember...
What was your favorite outfit? Jeans, really BIG sweaters
What was up with your hair? I had HUGE hair - Mark always makes fun of my pictures from back then! Haha!
Who were your best friends? Kate, Renee, Lisa (and the girls from flags) :)
Where did you work? I worked at Mrs. Fields Cookies in Pearlridge. :)
Did you take the bus? Nope, I drove everywhere (and drove all my friends around too)
Who did you have a crush on? My boyfriend Gregg (who was in college and MUCH older - 25 yikes! - at the time) :P
Did you fight with your parents? Nah, I was a goody-two-shoes. ;)
Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? UH baseball player Dan Nyssen! Woo hoo! He was hot! UH baseball player, Markus Owens (don't ask!) ;) 49er wide receiver Dwight Clark! Be still my heart! :) I really only liked watching sports in high school!
Did you smoke cigarettes? No, I was a goody-two-shoes, remember?
Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack because you were too nervous to find your locker? We never had lockers at Pearl City High. :P So yeah, I lugged all my books around like a geek. :P
Did you have a 'clique'? Yeah, the quiet flag girl clique. :)
Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater? In a way - Zippys was our "after the game" hang out.
Admit it, were you popular? More shy than anything else. I was even voted "shyest" in my senior year.
Who did you want to be just like? Probably Mary Ellen Mark because I'd admired her photography for a long time!
What did you want to be when you grew up? Photographer
Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? Living on the mainland (in CA) owning my own photo studio, married to a wonderful man with two children...

And on a completely separate theatre note, anyone who has seen Misty Cotton before, please tell me that I'm not crazy and this (5th picture down on the right side) is really a photo of her with Rupert Jee on his website? It really looks like her! :)
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