January 23rd, 2005

Sheri & Nick

Happiness is...

...FINALLY finding Nick's episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond!" :D It was so funny because his part was SO small - in fact he only has one line - "Oh, I'm not listening." :) But it was just SUCH a thrill for me to finally find his little cameo in the show! :D I hope I get to see him at "My Way" - so I can tease him about it. ;)

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Yay for Nick! Now if I can just find his guest appearance on "Frasier" I could stop looking at TV Tome all the time! ;)

In other news, I had a big set-back in my diet this afternoon. :( The Makino Chaya buffet! :( Somehow ever since I got home from NYC, I've been craving really good (but really bad for me) Japanese food. :P One would think that yesterday morning's Shirokiya trip would've satisfied my cravings, but no... When Mark suggested Makino Chaya today - I didn't even have to think twice! :P I'm an absolute mess - I simply have no will power when it comes to Japanese food. :P

In non-diet news, I've been spending some time putting some new CDs that I bought at the Virgin megastore in NYC on my iPod. I had to control myself while I was there and limit myself to just 3 CDs - "My Life With Albertine" (woo hoo for Chad Kimball!), "Martin Guerre" (I was always curious), and Laguna Playhouse's "Gunmetal Blues" (yay for Andrew Barnicle!) :) The thing I love about the Virgin store in Times Square is that it's about the only place that I know that I'll find obscure cast recordings - I know I'd never find "Gunmetal Blues" here at any of our music stores and I'm STILL not too fond of Amazon. :P

In LA trip news, I've finally purchased all of my show tickets for that weekend. :) I'm going to see "Accomplice" on Thursday night at the Colony Theatre, "My Way" a BUNCH of times that weekend with various internet friends (woo hoo!) :) and "Miss Saigon" at Fullerton CLO on Sunday (matinee.) :) Should be a great weekend! And though I haven't fully recovered from my jet lag from this past trip, I already can't wait for it. :) Just... *goes to look at ticker on user info* ...24 more days, woo hoo! :D

Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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