January 25th, 2005

Julie Jackson

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I'm exhausted...work has just been so emotionally draining these past few days. Please don't get me wrong, I really love my job, but at times, it just isn't the most pleasant. :P Like right now we have a worker who is clearly not right for the demands of the job (she's been with the company for 6 years yet can't perform simple tasks without getting a bunch of customer complaints). We all know that termination is probably in her future, but on days like today, when we had to have a formal face-to-face counseling with her, I felt bad. :( I'm a bit of a softie and have trouble being the bad guy all the time. Sometimes being in management really sucks. :P

On a completely different - more upbeat note:

Anyone get the chance to see "Medium" on NBC last night? Julie Jackson's daughter Lily was on the show (the last minute or so) and this time I did see her! She was SO cute and looked so grown up since I last saw her two years ago! :) She's so expressive - she definitely gets that from her Mom! ;)

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My LJ is slowly turning into a photo album for all the TV appearances I've been seeing lately! Yay for Lily and Nick! :D Can't wait to add Julie Ann's episode of "Alias" to my collection on the 2nd!

In other LA theatre news, Kevin would be PERFECT for this! He'd be the perfect choice for Lancelot! I know I dream cast him in to many different roles, but this one is perfect for him! Besides, some of his best roles (Rutledge, Freddy) were all directed by Gordon! :)

I'm off to watch what's left of "West Wing" on Bravo and give some much needed attention to my fuzzy dog. :) Hope you all have a nice evening!
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