February 1st, 2005

Julie / Kevin - photo by Sheri

Emotional eating = Stress at work :P

Work is kicking my butt lately. :P How could a job I love so much give me so much stress and cause me to gain so much weight? (I'm such an emotional eater). :P It didn't help at all that my boss brought in some manapua today for everyone and I still had a sliver of leftover Coldstone cake in the freezer when I got home. :P My diet's gone straight out the window and I'm almost powerless to stop it. :P

In nicer news - I've been stuck on theatre message boards all evening reading some wonderful comments about Kevin's performance in "A New Brain" last night. Of course I'm thrilled for him that his performance was so well received, but at the same time I'm so depressed that I couldn't be there to see it. :( And AHHH! He tangoed with Malcolm Gets! *SIGH* How sweet is that? And how sad that I missed it! :(

Speaking of the Earleys, Mark & I scored tickets to the advance screening of "Hitch" next week Thursday night (it opens next week Friday) :) I'm so excited since it's Julie Ann's first feature film! :) Besides that, it's the first movie that I'll have seen in the theater since "Attack of the Clones" :) Woo hoo for never getting out of my house! ;) BTW, Julie Ann's episode of "Alias" will be shown on the 9th of February too. :) So it's a great Julie Ann week next week! :D

And finally - cahwyguy was interested in the prospect of starting an LA Theatre LJ Community to possibly get groups of people together to qualify for group discounts for various shows playing in and around the LA area. If any of you are interested in the idea, please let him know - here's a direct link to his post. :)

Hope you all have a nice evening :)
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