February 13th, 2005

Mark & Sheri 1999

A wonderful evening!

Mark & I just got back from our Valentine's Day dinner at Musashi (a nice Japanese Restaurant at the Hyatt). Aside from the wonderful food (lobster and misoyaki butterfish - YUM!) the atmosphere was so romantic! The Hyatt holds a special place in our hearts (since we were married there 6 years ago) and we try to spend all of our special occasions there. :)

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When we got home, we decided to do our gift exchange. :) Mark got me a beautiful bag from Dooney & Bourke! I was SO shocked because it was the very same one that I was looking at when we went shopping on my birthday! Not only was it extremely thoughtful of him to get it for me, but it proves that he really pays attention to things that I do! And I think that was the best part of the gift (though I do love the bag!) ;) Gotta love him! :D He's the most thoughtful hubby ever!

Of course, I ended up getting him something game related. ;) Since I knew that he was planning on buying and a Playstation Portable, I got him a GC for GameStop so he could go in and put a reservation on one. :) He was pretty excited, especially because he was planning on going down on Monday to reserve it. :)

All in all it was a very nice Valentine's Day weekend. Due to work and the exhaustion that usually goes along with it, this year we decided to skip the formality and celebrate it early. :) Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow! :D *HUGS*
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