February 18th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

A short update from LA!

Well... My trip certainly started off on an interesting note! I had the day from hell yesterday... :( Luckily my flight in was fine (thanks so much for all your good wishes, they must've helped!) :), but for some reason, the traffic on the 405 was just ridiculous! :P It must've been due to all the rain! :( My 25 minute commute ended up being more like an hour and a half! I was so late when I got to the hotel that I didn't think I'd make it to Kevin's show on time. :P

When I checked into the hotel, they gave me a key and my room number and I lugged ALL of my things up to the room. When I opened the door, I was shocked to find someone else already there! :P I apologized, quickly closed the door and lugged all my things back downstairs and asked for a new room. :[ "Was something wrong with it?" The lady at the desk asked me. Umm... yeah - there was someone already in it! :[

She ended up giving me another room and luckily I was able to get to the theatre in time -- unfortunately Kevin wasn't so lucky! No one in the theatre really thought anything was odd when it was 7:30pm and the show hadn't started, but once 7:45pm rolled around and the show still didn't start, people started to get worried. :{ Finally a man came out to notify the audience that the show would start momentarily, and that 2 of the 4 stars of the show were not there yet - they were still stuck in traffic! :o I immediately knew it was Kevin because he lives so far away from the theatre. :P Poor guy!

The show ended up starting a little after 8:00pm - and was wonderful, BTW (but more about the show in another post.) After the show, Kevin told me that he couldn't figure out why the traffic was so bad. He said that he and Damon left his house at 5:00pm. He said on Friday he was just going to leave at 4pm and just hang around - just to make sure. ;)

Briefly spoke with Tom Griffin (who I loved from his Side Show musical direction days) as he left the theatre. He was late too. :( Also got to speak with Damon Kirsche and Tami Damiano (who are in the show with Kevin). I told Tami that I remembered sitting next to her at the first Robby Award show that I went to - and she remembered that. :) She was so sweet - I adored her! :)

It was so much fun speaking with them. Kevin kept forgetting where he did shows so he'd periodically turn to me and ask things like, "Where'd I do Guys & Dolls?" Haha! I was like, "El Camino!" Tami laughed at me because she thought it was funny that I had the database for Kevin's past performances in my head. :D

It ended up being a wonderful evening. :) Today I'm heading for the mall and will be seeing lindasings tonight for the evening show. :) Hope you're all doing well - I read through all of your entries, but I apologize in advance if I can't respond to them as much as I'd like. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)
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