February 20th, 2005

Kevin as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel"

Poor Sydney - I love it here, but I want to go home!

Yesterday when I was talking with Mark on the phone, he put the phone up to Sydney, who listened for a bit with interest and when Mark took the phone away, she jumped off the couch and started whining! :( Poor dog! :( Mark said that she spent next few minutes wandering around the house whining and looking for me! :( I've always loved to travel and I love LA, but after that, I just wanted to go home! :(

In happier news, the shows on Saturday were wonderful! During the matinee, Damon had a little trouble opening the champagne in the last number. The cork went flying into the air, hit the roof, and fell on an audience member! :O The cast had to contain themselves from laughing and poor Kevin was right in the middle of his line! I teased Damon about it later, telling him that I couldn't bare to look during that scene that evening. ;)

Kevin also had some mic problems in the evening. During "One More For the Road" his mic went off during my favorite part (where he holds this incredibly LONG note and pours liquor into his glass) Tom quieted the orchestra down, and Kevin kept singing (and really - Kevin's voice is loud enough to fill a theatre with or without a mic) and finished his song. He later told me that he inadvertently turned his own mic pack off (which was on his back) when he leaned against the piano.

Nick was at the matinee and it was so nice to see him! I always get so fan-girl around him and got to take a nice photo of him with the cast. :) He is the sweetest man ever and I'm so glad that I got the chance to see him once during my trip! :)

The shows were great, but the best part of Saturday was getting to see my friends Bobbie and Laura at the show! :D It's such a shame that I only get to see them when I come out for Kevin's shows - but hopefully this year I'll be able to see them a bit more. :)

Today I have matinee tickets to "Miss Saigon" at Fullerton CLO - but I'm SO not in the mood to go... I'll see how I feel about it in a few hours - I may decide to skip the show and opt for a morning at the mall. But this evening I see "My Way" again, but this time with careleswhisper, karmastyx, and rripley - I'm so excited! :D Hope you all have a nice Sunday! :)
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