February 23rd, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Finally - a few LA photos! :D

I finally got my act together and uploaded a few of my LA photos. :) Looking back at them I honestly have to say that it was one of the best theatre trips I've ever been on. It was just so wonderful being in the audience each night and seeing four VERY talented people who honestly love what they're doing! :) AND similar to "Side Show" - this cast (and creative team) was one that I really got attached to. Only three shows have had that effect on me in LA - this one, "Side Show," and "Spitfire Grill" - it must have something to do with Nick and Tom. :D

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In other news, Julie Jackson's episode of "ER" will be on tomorrow night! According to her email, her part is very small, but I'm definitely making sure I tune in to see it. :D Please tune in if you can! :)

I'm off in search of the fuzzy dog and about a gallon of water... I ate a HUGE sandwich from Big Kahuna today (it was SO big that it was my lunch and my dinner!) and it's made me incredibly thirsty ever since. :P Please have a nice evening everyone! :D
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