February 25th, 2005

Sheri & Chad 2001

Stolen from irisheyes77, hubbaswuba and many more...

10 Things I have done that many of you may not have (and for good reason for a lot of them) ;) :

  1. Helped an ex-boyfriend file for divorce (it's not the way it sounds AT ALL! She left him years ago and was already with someone else, but still legally married to my boyfriend at the time.) :P
  2. Saw the same show five times in the same weekend (well, unless your name is gigglets ;)
  3. Traveled 5,000 miles and fought the traffic in Boston to see a certain performer sing one song! (I swear I thought his role was bigger) :)
  4. Mistakenly traveled to New Hampshire - TWICE looking for a Dennys ;) (again, unless your name happens to be gigglets ;)
  5. Saw a bank robbery happen in front of me - TWICE
  6. Spent waaay too much money on an autographed script for the first love scene of my favorite soap couple (and got teased by the actor in question later when he told me, "You know there was no dialogue in that scene!") :D Before you get the wrong idea - it was a fundraiser for a good charity and the money went to a good cause! :)
  7. Worked four different part time jobs in college at the same time just to make ends meet. (Well, now that I think about how expensive college is - I'm sure I'm not the only one who had to do this...)
  8. Gave a cheeseburger to a vagrant in Santa Barbara and got a dirty look from him in return.
  9. Picked up macadamia nuts on my aunt's farm for extra money.
  10. Drove from Santa Barbara to Manzanar and back all in the same day (and got my first speeding ticket in the process!)
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