March 10th, 2005

Sydney is...

Our Big Island trip... just around the corner. :) Mark & I have gotten so used to the longer trips to NYC and LA recently that we're a little too calm about the pre-planning of this trip. "Packed? Are you kidding? It's only the neighbor island..." "Charge the iPod? Are you kidding? It's only the neighbor island...." Are we going to panic on Saturday morning? Are you kidding? You bet we are! :P I just know on Saturday we'll be rushing out of the house cursing at ourselves for not having packed and planned things a little better. :P

One thing we're very thankful for is that my in-laws will be home this weekend (and not traveling themselves) and can watch Sydney for us overnight on Saturday. :) I'd hate to have to subject Sydney to the kennel for just one night. :( We're never really sure if she does well there and we're always so worried that she's lonely or afraid of the other dogs around her. :( The vet always tells us that she was good when we pick her up, but that never really tells us how she adjusts to being around so many other dogs. :( At least this weekend she'll be so spoiled by the in-laws that she probably won't want to come home with us when we come to pick her up on Sunday. ;)

Speaking of traveling, I really wish I was in California right now getting ready to see this! :( What I'm really looking forward to seeing is Kevin act again... "My Way" was a fun show and great to hear him sing so much, but one of the things that makes Kevin stand out (at least to me) is the sincerity he has in his acting. It's been SO long since I've seen him in a good acting role. Millie was a comedy so I'm not really going to count that, 10Com was a little too stylized to show his true acting talents, and Assassins was just a reading (incredible as it was...) I think the last great role I saw him in was Billy in Carousel and that was in 2003! It's been way too long! :(

Well, I'm off to hit the books again. :P But I think I'll give some attention to the fuzzy dog first - I always miss her a lot when we're not home! :( Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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