March 13th, 2005

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Great weekend on the Big Island!

Just got home from a long and wonderful weekend with my family in Hilo. :) Although I hadn't seen my Grandmother for about six years, she still looks as spry and as spunky as she did when I'd seen her last. She still goes around poking my cousin in the ribs trying to pick a fight with him ;) and teasing us about getting lost (yes, Mark & I got lost in Hilo!) :P She told us she couldn't understand how we could go all the way to NYC, but get lost in Hilo since there's only something like two streets there. ;) She's too cute! And at 92, it's why we all think she's going to outlive us all. :)

My Grandmother absolutely HATES taking photos! I was lucky enough to convince her to be in at least one photo with me and my Mom. It's become my favorite photo since I really don't have any photos of the three of us together.

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We started off the weekend going to my uncle's 7 year memorial service. I'd forgotten what a strong Buddhist influence the neighbor islands have - and that all of my relatives (except for my family) are very strong Buddhists. I remember as a child sitting through many Buddhist services for relatives who had passed away (some of whom I didn't even know) and, at the time, the services were all in Japanese and I didn't understand a thing. I think this is the first Buddhist service that I went to that was in english. It was pretty interesting.

There was A LOT of good eating this weekend, though! Mark & I must have consumed at least a billion calories! :P From the Super Loco Moco we ate at Cafe 100 to the delicious meal that my Grandma and Aunt cooked before we came home this evening, it was a weekend of non-stop great food. :) We even got our fill of Cherry Lemonade since there was a Hot Dog on a Stick in the mall in Hilo. :) We also had to try the famous strawberry mochi (with a full real strawberry inside) from Two Ladies Kitchen. It was SO delicious that we wished we had bought more. :P And of course we had to stop off at the famous Big Island Candies to get some chocolate dipped shortbread cookies! We couldn't go to Hilo and NOT go there! :)

I think Mark had a really nice time too. He told me he hadn't realized exactly how crazy my family was until this weekend. Whenever my family gets together, they're so hilarious - I was laughing so hard on Saturday night that I nearly lost my voice. :D My whole family is pretty funny when they're sober, but after a few beers, they're a riot! :D

We had a great time! :) With any luck we'll be going back for many years to celebrate my Grandmother's many upcoming birthdays. :D I'm off to catch up with all of you! Hope you all have a nice evening! :D
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