March 14th, 2005


So it's taken me this long to realize that "Lost" is filmed here...

And it took actually seeing the crew here to bring me to that realization. :P

This morning I thought it was odd that there were cones and traffic cops telling me I couldn't turn in to the parking structure where I usually park my car for work. :P I didn't even notice the tons of trailers that lined the streets next to the mall across the street from our bank until I passed them by on my way inside my branch (I'm not the most observant at 7 in the morning). :P Apparently, they were filming a scene from "Lost" on the floor of the parking structure that we all usually park our cars! And I've never seen the show before so I was under the impression that they only filmed in "tropical" areas. Those who have seen the show did mention that sometimes they have flashback scenes and this was probably one of them...

We had a GREAT view of the shooting from the second floor of our office building and we were all pretty intrigued by it for the first half hour or so. Sadly it was the most exciting thing that's happened at my workplace in months... :P

And speaking of TV, we've started up our American Idol contest at work again. It's funny that the Compliance Officer (namely, *ahem* me) would be the one who is in charge of it... :P I guess it's not setting a very good example of "complaint" behavior - though it's all in fun and even our BIG boss surprised me and agreed to participate. :O

I'm off to catch up on all of your journals and try to get some studying in. I actually brought my Series 53 book with me on the trip this past weekend thinking I could get some studying done... Ha! How ridiculous is that? :P Of course the only thing it ended up doing was making my carry-on bag incredibly heavy! :P Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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