March 27th, 2005


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Mark & I spent the afternoon at the in-laws house for a nice Easter lunch. :) Sydney was the guest of honor (as she usually is - the in-laws love her to bits!) and happily pranced around the house waiting for someone to drop food (which, to her dismay, no one did!) :( Mark's sister Julie made some really great risotto and I think we each gained about five pounds, but the food was so good that I think it was worth it. :) Sadly though, we couldn't stay too long since I had to study and we ended up leaving much too early. :(

Speaking of which, I was finally able to get in some quality studying time today. :) And though I have no idea how the exam will be tomorrow, I've decided not to stress about it and just go in there and give it my best. I still have a long night of reviewing ahead of me and all of tomorrow morning to look over my notes one last time before I go in to take it... But I've decided, even if I fail, I won't get too down on myself about it - it's a pretty hard exam and I think I've given it my best in the three weeks that I've had to study. :)

On a completely different note, unfortunately my arm problems haven't been getting any better - in fact they only seem to have gotten worse. :( This afternoon I realized that the problems were probably stemming from a problem with my shoulder. :P Lately (in addition to the numbness and tingling) there seems to be a nagging pain that's developed around my shoulder blade that extends out to my arm when I hold it in different positions. :P I'm definitely calling the doctor about it tomorrow. :P

I'm off to review my notes again and hopefully get in a full night of studying (I tend to fall asleep when I get too comfortable and study in bed) :P Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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