March 28th, 2005

Sydney - couch

I'm an idiot - Part 2 (News about my Series 53 Exam) :P

For some unknown reason, I got it in my head that my big exam today was at 1:15pm. So I leisurely reviewed my notes this morning, checked LJ once and at 11:30 I decided I'd better start looking for my exam confirmation so I could take it to the testing center with me... Well I found it and I also found, to my surprise, that my exam was actually scheduled for 11:15am! OH MY GOSH! :0 I was already 20 minutes late (it was 11:37) and I was at least an hour away from the testing center! Not to mention that I was still in my night clothes and hadn't even gotten ready to leave the house!

The first thing I did was call the testing center and when I told them my name the lady gasped "Oh my, you're supposed to be here - where are you?" :P I explained that I thought that my test was later in the afternoon and asked if I could still come in. She told me that usually they only have a half hour after the scheduled time to begin the exam, but said she would try to work something out if I could come in 45 minutes...

I never got out of my house so fast in my life. I threw on some clothes, brushed my hair and teeth and RAN out of the house. Poor Sydney was very confused by all my rushing around and kept growling and nibbling at my heels as I rushed down the stairs. :P When I got there, I had to park at one of our branches (to avoid paying the outrageous $12 an hr parking fees at the testing center!) and walk four blocks to the testing center and then I ended up walking around the building several times looking for the entrance because all the entrances I knew were blocked off due to construction - it was just not my day! :P Luckily I made it to Prometric... just in time.

So much of my energy was focused on making it there that I didn't even have time to review before I went in to take the exam. :P Only after I made it into the testing room did I think "Oh my gosh, I didn't get to review my notes one last time, I'm never going to pass!" :P And the exam was a lot harder than I expected it to be, a lot of the questions and the topics weren't even in the text book or the study guide. :( Most of the time I was doing a lot of guessing by elimination. :P Even with all of my studying and reading that I did, I was lost through about 25% of the exam... But all your good thoughts must've worked, because even after all that:

I passed!!! :D

My score wasn't the best, but I was just thankful that I passed especially after the ridiculously stressful time I had making it there. :P I was so happy after I was done that I went to the small Chinese restaurant near our main branch that some of us went to before one of our meetings and ordered lunch to go. It's SO bad for me (not to mention a TON of calories), but I was just SO happy it was all over that I figure my diet can resume tomorrow. :P

Thanks SO much to everyone who wished me well in my last post! BIG *HUGS* to all of you! :) I'm off to take a very long nap. :D
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