April 2nd, 2005

Mark & Sheri 1999


...I finally went in to see the doctor today about my arm and as it turns out - it wasn't my arm or my shoulder that was the problem at all! Apparently, I have neck problems. :( When I sit and look straight ahead with my arms to the side and my hands on my lap, I can't rotate my head to look up without some pretty major pain in my left arm. :( The doctor gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs and told me I needed to apply heat to my neck each day and do some simple neck exercises. Hopefully, he said, with the combination of those things, it'll start to get better soon. If it doesn't, I should contact him again for the next step of the treatment process. :P I'm glad I went in to see him, though - I had no idea that the problems were related to my neck at all since my neck feels fine. :P

One thing I really like about my doctor's office is the staff there - they're all so nice! When I first got there the nurses and receptionist were all so shocked that I'd never seen the new office before (since my doctor moved there over three years ago!) they all agreed, though that it was a good thing that I stayed healthy enough in three years not to need to see them. I'm glad I was able to track him down and finally make an appointment.

On the way down Mark was joking about the doctor's appointment telling me that he was taking me because he was afraid that I'd skip out on it and go shopping instead... "Don't you miss those days when you were young and your parents would take you out for ice cream after you went to the doctor?" he asked. Ha! Whose parents did that? I told him jokingly that I felt a little gypped because my parents never did that. ;) So being the sweetheart that he is (and probably more as a joke for the comment I made earlier), Mark took me to Coldstone in the mall across the street from my doctor's office after my appointment for some great ice cream. What a sweet hubby I have! :)

While I was in the mall I also bought seasons 2 and 3 of "West Wing" since they were on sale at Suncoast. Looks like I'm in for a "West Wing" marathon this weekend. So I apologize if I'm a little absent from LJ this weekend, I'll be in "West Wing" bliss. :) Hope you all have a wonderful evening! :)
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