April 18th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

I have THE BEST friends! :)

I have to admit that I woke up this morning a little down that the weekend was over. It's true that I really love my job and am VERY thankful to even have it, but lately going to work has become somewhat of a chore... :P The only bright spot in my morning was knowing that on Friday I'd be leaving on a trip to LA to see some great shows. :) And I know I've said it once before, but everyone has their own ways of relieving stress, mine just happens to involve lots of theatre. ;)

And speaking of which, I knew in the back of my mind that Kevin was performing today at the volunteer luncheon at the Rubicon Theatre and I made a mental note to email lindasings to ask how the performance was. To my complete and utter surprise, it wasn't necessary at all! At 10am my cell phone rang and on the other end was Linda, who was sweet enough to call me from the luncheon as Kevin was about to perform so I could FINALLY hear him sing "Sailing!" *SIGH* Oh my gosh! What a sweetie she is! :D She knew how much I loved that song and how I've been wanting to hear Kevin sing it and she was SUCH a dear to include me in on his performance! I really have to say, I have the best friends ever! :D

After the phone call, people in my office noticed that I was doing something I really hadn't done (at least not a lot) in a while - I was actually smiling... :D and quite frankly, I couldn't stop smiling - the whole day. In fact nothing could get me down - not the complaining reps, their messed up paperwork, or the late 2004 IRA contributions... nothing. :)

In fact I'm still smiling. :) It was just SUCH a thoughtful gesture on Linda's part and it really just meant the world to me! :)

On another smiley note, I finally got all my show tickets in the mail for the shows I'm going to see this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that my Long Beach tickets were in Row D - almost center, since when I called they told me the best that they could do for me was Row O. All in all, it's been a pretty wonderful day. :)

I'm off to give some attention to my fuzzy dog and try to get some sleep. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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