April 21st, 2005

Sheri & Nick

I don't know why I always do it...

...but I always wait until the very last minute to pack for my trip. :P Each time another trip comes around I vow to be better about it, and yet here I am a day away from leaving and I'm frantically doing laundry so I'll actually have some clean clothes to pack. :P At least I've learned to pack a little lighter for my trips than I used to - I just have to keep reminding myself the less I pack, the more I can shop. :)

I've also been frantically trying to upload songs to my iPod before my dreaded 6 hour flight. :P Part of me loves red-eyes because I always get so bored on the plane - at least if I'm able to sleep, the long flight doesn't seem so bad. For all the traveling that I do, you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I don't think I could ever get used to flying. :P Though I have to say, after the almost 19 hours of flying coming home from my last NYC trip (when we had to turn around & head back to LA for an emergency medical landing), this should be much easier.

Sydney is up to her normal "sniff-assault" of my suitcase. :P She'll sniff every inch of it as if she's trying to figure out all the places that I've been. :) As much as I love to travel, I really hate leaving Mark & Sydney for the weekend! :(

On a theatre note, Kevin had to bow out of "Brigadoon" this summer due to a scheduling conflict. :( I'd always wanted to see him as Tommy Albright so I'm a little disappointed to hear the news. The upside to the whole thing is that he's taken a role in "Guys & Dolls" at MTW in Long Beach. It's not one of my favorite musicals, but with Nick directing and Bets Malone co-starring, it should be wonderful! :) If anyone is interested in seeing a performance with me on July 16th or 17th please let me know. ;)

"Guys & Dolls" actually falls at a great time for theatre in LA - I'll probably try to see Purlie at the Pasadena Playhouse that weekend as well as Musical of Musicals at Laguna Playhouse, and Once on This Island at Fullerton Civic Light Opera. :) Aside from that, the (probably already sold out) tour of Wicked is playing at the Pantages - and I can't help but wish I could see the touring cast since I haven't seen Adam Lambert since 10Com closed.

I'm off to check the dryer and finish up my packing for the night. :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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