April 24th, 2005

Side Show

Not-so-short LA update from Kinkos...

Just thought I'd quickly update from Burbank. The flight in was very nice and amazingly I was actually able to sleep for a good portion of it. :) I completely missed everything, the meal service, the movie, but I did wake up for the warm chocolate chip cookie. I do have my priorities. ;)

And there's nothing like driving on the freeways up here. :P As I was driving up the 5 yesterday on my way to Burbank, I was keeping up with the cars around me and all of a sudden the cars began to slow down ahead because of some minor traffic. After slowing down, I looked at my speedometer and noticed, to my shock that I had slowed to a speed of about 65 mph - and it felt like we were crawling! It's no wonder I always tend to drive like a maniac whenever I get home from one of these trips. ;P

Speaking of cars and driving, the rental company gave me a Chevy Aveo - which I've never seen or driven before in my life. It's a very small car, kind of boxy, but seems to be able to handle the freeways, which is nice. The one nice thing about it is that it's very easy for me to recognize my rental this time and I don't have to spend a long time walking up and down the parking structure searching for my car. :)

Last night I saw "Climbing Everest" at the Colony Theatre in Burbank. I was so exhausted after the trip in that I was contemplating skipping it altogether (I have a bad habit of buying tickets to other shows and then not showing up for them on these trips...) :P I'm glad that I went, though... Although it wasn't the best show that I've seen, it was surprisingly uplifting for a show where more than half of the main characters die. It was one of those self-discovery shows where the lead character had to experience all that death to realize that she wasn't really living and opened her eyes to living and enjoying the present. It was a good message and there were things that I liked about it (among which was the lead - who, I apologize, I don't know and don't have my playbill with me...) all in all, though I'm glad that I went to see it.

The Colony Theatre has changed A LOT since I've been there last! No one I know even works there anymore. :( Anjali left over 2 years ago, and Michael no longer works in the concessions. :( It's really kind of sad, because it seems to have lost all of the friendliness that it had during the "Side Show" / "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" days. Even the headshots on the wall of their company members were different - no Nick, no Todd Nielsen, no Julie Dixon Jackson... :( Things sure have changed a lot. :(

Today I'm just running around trying to complete some errands - mostly buying "omiyage" (or travel gifts) for my office mates and family. :) Tonight I'm meeting lindasings for a showing of "Sail Away" in Thousand Oaks. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing her and to seeing Kevin perform, of course.

I'm sorry that I'm not able to comment as much as I'd like to on your entries. I have read them and will try to catch up with everyone later on this weekend. :) Hope you're all having a nice Sunday. :)
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