April 27th, 2005


Well, at least I'm home. :)

Thankfully after my long weekend trip to LA, I finally made it home LATE last night at about 11:30pm. When I reached the baggage claim, I called Mark to find out how far away he was.... and found out, to my surprise, that he had fallen asleep and hadn't even left the house! Of course it just seemed to be the perfect way to end my "perfect" trip this weekend. :P Luckily there was no traffic so I was actually able to get home before midnight,...just barely.

I was SO happy to see Sydney when I got home! :) She somehow looked smaller and fuzzier than I remembered her looking before I left. ;) She made a lot of cute barking noises when I came in the door and kept trying to jump into my arms. I missed my fuzzy dog SO much!

A little bit of good news was awaiting me in my email when I got home. :) Apparently Julie Jackson is planning a family trip to Hawaii this summer. She'll probably not be on Oahu, but how nice for them! :D I'll still have to email her back about some vacation rentals in the area, but I was just so excited to hear that she'll be coming my way soon (even if it's not really my way...)

I'd better run, I have to get ready for work (I'm not sure how I'll be able to function today on the little sleep I had last night) so I'm really praying for a slow day. :) Before I go, though - I wanted to wish a VERY happy birthday to two very special people: careleswhisper and karmastyx. Happy Birthday Carrie and Laura! Hope you both have a fantastic day! :D
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