May 11th, 2005

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Food, glorious food...

It feels like I've been eating non-stop for the past few days! :P Today, our BIG boss bought all of us Hawaiian plate lunches from a place called Ono's (which is Hawaiian for "delicious" - how could I resist that?) ;) The plate was SO huge that I don't even think I ate half of it. :P And tomorrow our co-worker is bringing us pies from Sunnyside bakery! :)

I really have to say that I've never worked with a bunch of people who love food as passionately as the people who work in my back office. :) When we're not planning lunches for our co-workers birthdays or ordering take out from the best places in our area, we're talking about the wonderful food we ate over the weekend or where to go for lunch. I swear, the MAIN topic of conversation at our workplace is food! Entertaining as that always is, unfortunately it makes it extremely hard to stay on any sort of diet. :P

After our HUGE lunch today, I sat in my office in a food induced coma... It didn't help that I'd gotten very little sleep this past week to begin with, but that HUGE lunch made it almost impossible to stay awake and fully concentrate on my work. :P And apparently I wasn't the only one, my boss came out of his office twice to go upstairs for some coffee. :)

On a theatre note, I'm really looking forward to seeing "Applause" this weekend. :) With some initial negative talk on a couple of message boards about the show being mis-cast (actually by just a single, poster - again and again...) :P, I was very happy to hear some words of praise for it today. :) I haven't seen any major newspapers' reviews yet (possibly tomorrow), but I'm hopeful that the show will be wonderful. :)

And Linda emailed me some information about "Guys & Dolls" in July - apparently Tami Tappan Damiano (of "My Way") will be starring as Sarah Brown (opposite Kevin's Sky Masterson) - with Bets Malone (who I saw in "1776" and "Ten Commandments") as Miss Adalaide. What a great cast! I'm so excited to see it! :)

Well, I'm off to try to complete my packing. I'm hoping that with all my lack of sleep recently I'll actually be able to sleep on the plane tomorrow night. *SIGH* I can hope, anyway... Have a nice evening everyone. :)
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