May 22nd, 2005


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So Mark & I went to see the early morning showing of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" yesterday. :) It was one of the few times that I actually saw Mark up before 10am on a weekend. It was so funny to see him SO excited about it. :D He was up and getting ready, reminding me that we had to leave the house to meet Susan at 8am at the theatre. :) I even thought he might leave me at home if I didn't come downstairs in time. ;)

The movie itself was really good - and that coming from me (not at all a Star Wars fan) is pretty amazing. :) It helps that I completely LOVE Ewan McGregor, but really the show itself had me hooked. :) It was also SO nice to spend time with Susan and Fredrick. :) After the movie, we all went to eat an early lunch at Zippys and talk about the movie. :) It was a great Saturday. :D

After the morning we had, you'd think hubby would be Star Wars out? Mark spent the rest of the afternoon and evening alternating between playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 on his XBox and watching "Return of the Jedi" on DVD. "You can never have too much Star Wars," he told me. ;)

Today we're going to go out for some lunch - I was telling Mark that I had been craving ribs ever since I went with Linda to The House of Ribs in Westwood before seeing "Applause" last week. It was just SO good that I've been craving BBQ ribs ever since (and I'm not really a meat eater at all!) We might go to Ruby Tuesday or a place that Susan suggested in Wahiawa... So much for starting my diet this weekend! :P

Speaking of such, Sydney seems to have been gaining a lot of weight recently... I'm sure that's only a sign of her happiness, but I was shocked the other day when I carried her and could barely feel her rib cage... It's probably due to the snacks we bought her from the Pet Expo earlier this month. I think the entire family needs to get back on a diet. ;)

I'm off to add some songs that I've just acquired to my iPod, I hope you all have a nice Sunday! :D
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