May 25th, 2005

Side Show

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Well, our big broker-dealer conversion date is final now - it's going to be on September 16th. :( My BIG boss is very into things like the moon and the stars aligning correctly (and whatever else he uses to determine these things) but he claims that the 16th is a bad day for anything and the fact that our big conversion falls on the 16th is a VERY bad omen... Way to instill confidence in the rest of us! :P

On a completely different note, my new healthy eating plan (I hesitate to call it a diet because I really don't like that word) is going okay, although today at the market, I was sure I heard some chocolate brownies calling my name... :P Thankfully I ignored them, but tomorrow my office is picking up some dim sum for our big conversion meeting and I don't know if I'll be able to ignore a manapua (pork bun to those not in Hawaii) if it starts calling out to me tomorrow. :P

And on a theatre note - I'm pretty upset that I'm missing MTG's staged reading of "The Wild Party"! :( Not only is it being directed by Nick, but it's been SO long since Misty was in a production in LA and it figures that the only one she's in recently, I can't see... :( Plus, Tami Tappan Damiano AND Bets Malone are in the cast too! WAH! I hope Linda has a very detailed review of the show, because I'll probably need to live vicariously through her again. :(

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to find my fuzzy dog. :)
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