June 3rd, 2005

Doug & Sheri

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I ended up going back to work today... :P I was actually feeling much better (must've been all those Broadway.Com videos, not to mention watching the "Rent" trailer a couple billion times...) and there was no one available to cover for me in reviewing the trades, so I really had to go in. :( Luckily the phone calls were kept to a minimum and the trades were all pretty much in good order (and I say "pretty much" because it's still our reps we're talking about!) ;)

Other than that, I came home to some sad internet news. :( Apparently EZ Board had been hacked into (globally) while I wasn't looking and all the posts on my Kevin and Julie Ann boards from late 2004 on have disappeared (and will probably not be able to be recovered.) :( These were precious "10 Com" praisings from my friends who saw closing night, Kevin's post about opening night, all the "Hitch" posts on Julie Ann's board... :( My heart absolutely broke when I found out they were ALL gone, there are so many memories I'll never be able to get back! :( :(

Thankfully the day wasn't all bad, the best part of my day was finding an email from Kelly (Estrella, the GM of Reprise!) in my inbox with tons of BEAUTIFUL "Kevin as Bill Sampson" photos for the website from "Applause." :D She's absolutely the best - I just adore her! I'm putting them up tomorrow and I'm finally excited about working on the site again (after weeks and weeks of being rather lukewarm about it). :) So I guess that's pretty good news in itself. :)

And I know I'm DAYS late on the bandwagon here, but I have to say that I LOVE the "Rent" movie trailer. The photography is gorgeous, the trailer itself was edited perfectly (I got chills when all the spotlights first hit the line of cast members from behind)... I admit, I've never been the hugest "Rent" fan, but I did always love the music from the show and I'm actually pretty excited to see this movie. :)

I'm off to grab a shower and crawl into bed... and maybe watch the "Rent" trailer one last time. ;) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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