June 12th, 2005

Sydney - happy

Dogs, everywhere! (Petwalk 2005)

Petwalk was a lot of fun, as usual and it's always SO MUCH fun to see all the different dogs there each year. This year there must have been almost 8,000 dogs at the park - the most, I think, that we've ever seen at Petwalk. :) Some dogs were dressed in costumes, others were being pushed in strollers... We even saw a HUGE white rabbit walking on a leash that was so big it looked (and acted) just like a dog! :)

With all the dogs together in the same place, I was surprised that most of the dogs seemed so well behaved. In past years, I've seen dogs who have stopped in the middle of the course (which used to be 2 1/2 miles) and just refused to go any further. It was a funny sight to see the owners try to coax the dog to move ahead - some ended up trying to push their dogs along, and eventually some ended up carrying their dogs the rest of the way. :)

I was worried about Sydney. Two years ago when we did the 2 1/2 mile course she did really well but now that she's a little older (she's almost 8 years old!) we were worried that maybe she'd become one of those dogs that we saw in the past. ;) Thankfully Sydney was a great sport and finished the course (albeit the shortened course) easily and even kept up with Susan and Fredrick's puppy who is only 8 months old. :) Walking back to the car, however, was another story. ;) Thankfully Syndey is a small dog and only weighs little over 19 pounds - if she was a german shepherd or a golden retriever, I don't know how we would've gotten her back to the car! :)

Along the course there were a lot of water stations with huge tubs of water for the dogs to drink out of as they passed by. One of the cutest sights that I saw this year was a cute little dog at the end of the course who decided to do the all the dogs one better and not just drink from the tub, but actually SIT INSIDE it! It was funny to see the embarrassed owner try to coax the dog out of the water, only to have it stare back at her - refusing to move. :D It was so hot at the end of the course that if I could join it, I would've - smart dog! ;D

I took A LOT of pictures of the other dogs that I saw and their owners (and some pretty nice moments that I happened to see between the two), unfortunately they were all with my standard film camera and I'll have to wait for them to be processed to see how they turned out. I did take a couple of quick snapshots (mostly of Sydney) with my digital for our family that I've uploaded. I'll post the other photos as soon as I get them back from the lab (they were all B&W so I have to make the trek into town to process them this week!) :P

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I'm off to wake up my sleepy dog and hubby and start some dinner. Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)
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