June 15th, 2005

Julie Jackson

I'm starting to get a little down and moody...

I hate that I start to get this way every year around this time. :P Those of you who have been on my friends' list for a while know that this weekend, as well as a few other days (mainly one in August and one in November) are the hardest for me to deal with each year. :( I generally tend to not be in the best mood, so please forgive me if I start talking a lot more about theatre and other things that qualify as escapism for the next few days - it makes the weekend a little easier to deal with... :P And I know that I'm certainly not the only one who will have a hard time this weekend (especially on my friends' list I know there are a lot of others who COMPLETELY understand) - Big *HUGS* to all of you who do. :(

On to the escapism part of my post - I just got an email today from Julie Dixon Jackson who is going to be on "Jimmy Kimmel" tonight. :) I'm pretty exhausted, but I just have to stay up to see it. Her exact words were "set your Tivos if you dare" - of course that makes me all the more curious to see it. ;)

I also got a nice letter from Reprise! in the mail today. They were kind enough to send me a letter to apologize for the Sunday evening performance of "Applause" that they cancelled. They even gave me a few coupons from one of their sponsors, which I thought was nice of them. All they really needed to do was refund my money (which they did) and I would've been happy - it was nice that they took the extra effort to apologize. :)

Also got another email from Luba Mason announcing that she begins her role as Velma Kelly in the Broadway cast of "Chicago" on June 28th and leaves on December 4th. Unfortunately, I'll be missing her by about a month since the soonest that Mark & I can get up there is January. :(

And one last LA theatre note before I go, I just found out Damon Kirsche (who is a good friend of Kevin's and was recently cast with him in "My Way") is going to be taking over the role of Tommy in "Brigadoon" at PCPA next month because Kevin had to bow out for "Guys & Dolls". I guess it worked out for everyone. :)

I'm off to go and workout a bit. I'll be back a little later to catch up on all of your entries. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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