June 26th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

"Once in a while it's nice to see a movie where everything doesn't get blown up..."

That was my hubby's reaction to seeing "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" with me this afternoon. :) I have to admit, for a guy who is REALLY into action films, and sci-fi, he was a VERY good sport about seeing the movie with me (and was probably the only man in the entire theatre.) It was an enjoyable movie, very sweet and touching (of course I'm a sap and started tearing toward the end.)

I had no idea that Bradley Whitford was in it - had I known, I would've been there to see it LONG before now! ;) I told Mark that you know you're getting old when the guy in the movie that takes your breath away plays the main character's DAD. :P In any case, I adore him! I think now I'll have to put on some of my "West Wing" dvds and have a Josh Lyman marathon. ;)

Loved Amber in the movie... I love how she always plays the tough, sarcastic character all the time, but always ends up having a really soft heart. Sort of reminds me of Amber in RL... Haven't really kept up much with Amber since she left GH (though I did watch Joan of Arcadia from time to time), but I'm glad to see that she seems to be doing really well. :)

After the movie we went to eat ice cream (no Coldstone since we couldn't find one in Kapolei) and I really think the Baskin-Robbins we went to really needs a health inspection...:P When the girl gave me my ice cream, it had a LONG blonde hair dangling from the cone! SO unappetizing. :P Blech! And what's with them having to weigh the scoop of ice cream on a scale before putting it in the cone these days?

I'd better run and give the fuzzy dog some attention. :) I can already tell that this will be a much better week. :) Yay for happy Kevin emails - they must be a good omen. ;) Hope you all have a good one. :)
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