July 3rd, 2005

Kevin as Edward Rutledge in "1776"

An absolute-LEE nice weekend!

In a few moments I'm leaving with Mark to go to the in-laws' house for a nice 4th of July lunch. They made sure to let us know not to forget to bring Sydney along. :) It's been a while since we've seen them, but I think they miss the fuzzy dog more than anything! ;)

Mark & I spent Friday night at a book release party for our friend (and best man at our wedding) Jon Murakami. It was really nice to see Jon and the turnout for the release party was really good. We waited in a LONG line of people to see him so he could autograph one of his new books for us. :) According to Jon, he has several new books coming out in the later half of the year - we're totally looking forward to them!

Tomorrow Mark & I are just spending a nice, quite day at home. :) We used to go down to the beach to watch the HUGE firework show every year, but as we get older, it seems more and more of a hassle... It's always SO crowded (thousands of people head to the beach each year to see it) and it take FOREVER to get out of the parking lot! In our old age, we'd rather just stay home and celebrate the 4th hassle free. :P

It's always been a tradition of mine to watch my "1776" dvd each year on the 4th. Not only is it one of my favorite shows, but I always feel compelled to watch it at this time of the year. :) Along with it this year I think I'll add a "West Wing" marathon, and throw "The American President" in there as well. ;)

Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July tomorrow. :) Before I head to the in-laws, I got tagged by audienceawaits :), so I stole this...

List five songs you absolutely can't stand from five artists you adore. Then, tag five people to see what songs they hate from the artists they love.

Sidenote: I'm changing this a little to include songs I can't stand from cast recordings that I love, because I'm a dork and don't listen to anything else :)

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