July 13th, 2005

Kevin as Edward Rutledge in "1776"

A quick update from Burbank...

My love / hate relationship with Aloha airlines continues. :P My flight into SNA was great - in fact it was one of the nicer flights that I've been on lately (they actually refrained from loud speaker announcements so we could all get some sleep). :) The problem was - my flight in September!

I'd booked my flight in September to see Kevin perform with the Philharmonic all the way back in May. I got the red eye flight on Friday night (after work) and the return flight on Sunday evening (after the concert on Saturday with enough time to be back at work on Monday.) It was perfect and Mark said he would come along (especially because we weren't taking any vacation days...)

Well, as I was trying to book his flight the other day, the flights that I'd booked for myself weren't coming up in the search. I thought it might be sold out or some sort of computer error so I decided to ask the lady at the check in counter when I checked in for my flight last night. "Oh we cancelled that flight weeks ago!" she told me. :0

I was shocked! Just when were they planning on telling me I had no flight? I asked if they tried to contact the people already booked on the flight and the lady said, "No, we didn't try to call yet, we would've called as it got closer to the date." Closer to the date??!! So I'd have no options to get to LA? She calmly explained to me that they re-booked me on the closest flight to the one they had cancelled which left Honolulu at 12 noon on Friday! (Unfortunately it won't work, since I CAN'T TAKE VACATION!)

My anger wasn't actually in the fact that they cancelled the flight (I understand that things like that are beyond their control most of the time...) what I was really upset about was the fact that they knew about this for almost three weeks and didn't bother to inform the people who were booked on the cancelled flights! I'd already purchased tickets to the concert, rented and pre-paid for a car through Priceline (which I can't change the pick-up time or location) all based on thinking I had a flight to LA! I'm going to call their customer service department as soon as I get home, I'm still pretty upset about this. :P Hopefully I'll be able to work something out with them and can get another flight out there on such sort notice. :P

On a much happier note, I'm in LA and about to embark on a wonderful shopping trip soon. Nothing better to cure the blahs than a nice trip to the mall. ;) I'm still undecided on whether I'm going to attempt the Wicked lotto tonight - it'll all depend on how tired I am, I guess. Hope you're all well. I've read through all your entries, but I apologize if I'm not able to comment as much as I'd like (I always feel pressured by time when I'm checking in from Kinkos.)
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