July 17th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

Still in Anaheim - a short update from Kinkos...

On Friday night I met lindasings for the evening show of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir at the NoHo Arts Center. As much as I love the shows that I've seen there, I hate the theatre! It's in the middle of North Hollywood and has a parking lot that could fit maybe 8 cars. :( I spent a good 20 minutes driving up and down Lankershim looking for street parking that wasn't miles away from the theatre. :P When I finally did find street parking, I had to hike almost 5 blocks to get there. :(

The show itself was just gorgeous. James Barbour played Captain Daniel Gregg, a gruff sea captain who passed away years ago in a house that Lucy Muir (Lynne Wintersteller) purchased after her own husband passed away. The story is about Lucy's encounter with the ghost of Captain Gregg and how a relationship forms between the two. James Barbour, who I'd only seen before in Assassins, was wonderful in the role. Not only was he gruff enough to be believable as the sea captain, but he was surprisingly comical & tender in other moments. I've read reviews that have said that his performance seemed a little distant, however, I never got that impression. I could really see the feelings that his character started to develop for Lucy evolve though the course of the show. Lynne Wintersteller had a beautiful voice and really should be commended for her great acting since it was clear for all of us to see (just by her great use of body language) her instant transformation from the young Lucy in flashbacks to the older Lucy of the present.

The show was from the creators of Dorian, which I saw at NoHo last October. The Ghost & Mrs. Muir was a lot less dark in nature and much more uplifting. Linda liked the show so much that she said that she would probably try to go back to see it before the run is over. :) And I was really surprised to see how packed the theatre was - so packed even that folding chairs needed to be added to the wings to allow everyone in. The biggest surprise of the evening was seeing Mary Van Arsdel (who starred as Kevin's love interest in "Sail Away") in the audience. :) She recognized me as "the one who runs Kevin's website." :) She was very sweet and even came up to speak with me for a moment at intermission to ask how I was enjoying the show. I'm very glad that I went to see it - it was one of the best shows I saw all weekend.

I still have a lot more updating to do on my trip - I haven't even gotten to Guys & Dolls, the fabulous Friday night I spent with my wonderful friends, or the rather disappointing performance of Once on This Island that I saw last night. But I should probably end this here for now since I'm at Kinkos and this internet connection (though really inexpensive) is still costing me some money. ;) I'm off to catch up on all of you and then I'm off to try to find a Sonic. :D Hope you're all having a nice Sunday. :)
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