August 1st, 2005

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My adventures with jackfruit...

Has anyone ever tasted, seen, or even heard of Jackfruit? Neither had any of us at my workplace! We received a call from one of our reps today who asked us if we wanted to try it. Since no one knew what the heck it was, we said we'd be interested. When he brought it over, we were shocked to find that it looked like a huge green porcupine!

The rep told us to cut it open and peel off and eat the bulbs inside. My co-worker and I took the massive thing (it weighed about 7 pounds, at least!) upstairs and cut it open with a huge knife. Inside were rind-like things that covered yellow bulbs and inside the yellow bulbs were HUGE gray seeds. Luckily while we were upstairs one of the tellers was familiar with the fruit and told us that people actually roast the seeds in butter and eat them like chestnuts. That was a little too advanced for us! We just wanted to taste the fruit...

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After about a half an hour (yes, all the while the folks downstairs were wondering why the trades weren't being approved... Sheri was concerned with more important things than mutual fund trades this morning ;)) of emersing our hands in the sticky fruit (yes, yuck!!) we were able to get a decent amount out to take downstairs so people could sample.

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The fruit tasted like Passion fruit and had a strong, almost pungent odor. Unfortunately the fruit didn't go over too well with our co-workers and though everyone admitted that it wasn't bad tasting they all said that it wasn't something they'd probably ever want to eat again. I had to agree. It tasted just like passion fruit to me, but not as juicy or as inviting to the palate. The thing that got me was how messy it was to cut! My co-worker and I must've washed our hands at least a dozen times after cutting the fruit, but the stickiness of the sap never really came off. :( We ended up giving the left overs to the teller who we'd spoken with who could appreciate it so much more than we ever could.

I do have to say that it was an interesting addition to our workday, though and it did break up the day to day monotony of preparing for conversion and helped to keep us sane. Anything that does that is okay in my book. :)
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