August 6th, 2005

Doug & Sheri

I guess it'll just be a weekend for the girls...

...just me and the fuzzy dog. ;) Mark called me from Vegas and he's having a great time! He told me that I'd love the new penny machines they have there (I always used to end up at the nickel machines because I lost money SO fast on the quarter and dollar machines...) ;) I'm really glad he's having so much fun, he really needed a good vacation. :)

They also visited the Wynn hotel yesterday and he actually took a photo of the Avenue Q "marquee" for me with his camera and emailed it to me! :) I guess when he asked me what I wanted him to bring home from Vegas and I told him John Tartaglia, he figured that this was the next closest thing. ;)

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The house has been very quiet without Mark around, but the good news is that I was able to get a lot of cleaning done in his absence. :) Mark has the be the world's worst pack-rat - I thought I was bad, but Mark keeps everything! And not only things he needs or will ever use again, but we have boxes for TVs and computers that we don't even own anymore sitting upstairs in our spare bedrooms! :P This weekend was a great time to go in there and clean all those things out. I wouldn't dare touch his other things, I'll just have to leave that to him when he gets back. :)

In a bit of sad theatre news, I just found out that the production of "Babes In Arms" that Julie Dixon Jackson was supposed to be in at Saddleback CLO was cancelled due to a bee infestation at the theatre! :( How horribly random is that? Poor Julie, and the poor rest of the cast - apparently, they only ran for a couple of shows before the cancellation. :( How sad!

Well, I'm off to try to clear up more clutter around here and maybe try to get to the market before the big weekend crowd. Hope you're all having a nice Saturday so far. :)
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